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Electronic Meeting Room Display Solution

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  • Show detailed meeting information outside your conference rooms.
  • On-the-spot touch screen reservation of meeting room and other shared spaces.
  • View and reserve rooms from any device, incl. PCs and smart phones.
  • Decrease interruptions by showing passersby that a room is in use.
  • Create a professional look for your business, all while increasing efficiency.
  • Customizable to suit your company identity and branding.


David Sherrard

American Packaging Corporation

Savance instilled a confidence that programming could be done in a timely manner to meet our unique needs.

Jerry Tibor

University of Alaska Anchorage

One of the best features has been the support. They are extremely knowledgeable, are always right on top of our requests, and are great about responding in a very timely manner. It is one of the few tech support experiences I don't dread.

Savance EIOBoard
Meeting Room Display

Savance EIOBoard Meeting Room Display is a digital signage system with optional touch screen capabilities. It was designed to solve one simple, yet important, problem: conflicts with precious resources, like your conference rooms and other shared spaces. Simply walk up to a room, see the current availability, and reserve the room by following the on-screen guide. Great for businesses, office hoteling, and more.

EIOBoard Meeting Room Display Screenshots

Make the most of your conference rooms and other shared workspaces by implementing Savance's easy-to-use electronic meeting room display system. View and reserve rooms on-the-spot, or from any PC or smartphone.

Savance EIOBoard Meeting Room Display gives your business a professional look, increases efficiency, and optimizes your resources. All the information you need is clearly displayed outside each conference room. View the future schedule of the room, and even reserve it with optional authentication. Rooms can also be reserved from any PC, tablet, or smart phone. 

By removing any confusion when it comes to what rooms are spoken for, you are allowing for a more organized workplace with fewer interruptions.

How Does It Work?

In its simplest form, Meeting Room Display works as a digital signage system controlled by a scheduling application on your computer. Once a room has been booked, a display screen outside each conference room will show the room's availability status and upcoming schedule. Detailed meeting information includes meeting title/topic and host, as well as the start and finish time for the meeting. Red and green screens will show each room's status at a quick glance.

The interactive Meeting Room Display option allows for quick and painless booking of rooms or for editing room reservations, right on the spot. If the room is available for a meeting, just tap the touch screen and follow the easy step-by-step wizard to reserve. By requiring meeting hosts to "check in" to a room at the beginning of a meeting, businesses can reduce empty rooms as a result of no shows; if a meeting host does not check in, the room will automatically be released and available for others to use, increasing work efficiency and optimizing room resources for your organization.

Customize Your Meeting Room Displays

Your company identity and branding are important. So is your personal style. With EIOBoard, you do not have to be stuck with a software user interface you didn't choose; instead, we are happy to customize the Meeting Room Display software to suit your company using logos and colors of your choice.

Extend Use with Large Screen Displays

In addition to being used outside any conference room or other types of shared workspaces, such as cubicles and desks, a larger version of our standard Meeting Room Display is a great solution for a reception area or building entrances, making it easy for both employees and visitors to quickly know where they need to be and at what time. Not only will this simplify work life for employees, but it will also act as a time-saver for reception staff. Instead of showing just one room's schedule and availability, the reception area screens will show an overview of the day's upcoming meetings and where they are taking place.

Next Steps

Savance EIOBoard Meeting Room Display integrates seamlessly with all other EIOBoard solutions, including Resource Management and Electronic Whiteboard, our customizable large screen display solution. Whether you are interested in several solutions or just one, Savance will put together a software/hardware package customized to your exact needs. Contact us today to find out more about EIOBoard Meeting Room Display, or to sign up for a free web demo!

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