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Features & Benefits

  • Centrally manage visitors from the time they check-in to the time they leave.
  • Branded welcome screen for quick visitor, vendor, and contractor sign-in.
  • Customize the visitor check-in process to collect important information during visitor sign-in, incl. photo and signature if needed.
  • Automatically notify host by text message, email, or popup when a visitor has arrived.
  • Integrate ID scanning, visitor kiosk camera, label printing, and more.
  • Expedite the registration process for frequent visitors.


David Sherrard

American Packaging Corporation

In addition to savings in staff accountability, the process of accounting for visitors and contractors has also become more accurate and efficient.

Richard Shrake

American Philosophical Society

We needed the ability to allow guests to use the kiosk to log themselves in and out. Moreover, we wanted to be able to save this information for reporting purposes. This would allow us to estimate how many guests are in the building at any given time. […] We're very happy with our Savance solution.

Jerry Tibor

University of Alaska Anchorage

One of the best features has been the support. They are extremely knowledgeable, are always right on top of our requests, and are great about responding in a very timely manner. It is one of the few tech support experiences I don't dread.

Users Include:
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Corporate Offices
  • Government
  • Industrial Facilities
  • K-12 Education
We Customize:

It is our belief that your software and hardware solution from Savance should have a look that fits your company, not ours. That's why we offer custom design for all solutions.

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Savance EIOBoard
Visitor Management

Savance Visitor Management Overview Video

Savance EIOBoard Visitor Management streamlines the visitor process for any business. Visitors can quickly sign in, either with the help of a receptionist or at a self-service touch screen kiosk. Ask any questions; show a safety video; print name tags; or allow for automatic information capture through ID scanning. The solution integrates with any access control system, as well as with EIOBoard Emergency Mustering.

It is critical to any organization to be able to centrally manage visitors from the time they arrive to the time they leave. EIOBoard Visitor Management allows you to streamline and completely automate the visitor lifecycle, by letting you:

  • Sign visitors in and out electronically;
  • Request any information you require
  • Print professional visitor passes or name tags;
  • Notify host of arrival via text message, email, or pop-up;
  • Get complete reporting and audit trail data,
  • and much more

EIOBoard Visitor Management is completely scalable and customizable, suitable for any type of business or organization. It provides a safe and secure environment for both employees and visitors. Our users range from schools and corporate offices, to government buildings, large industries, and mining operations.

How Does It Work?

Using an automated and easy-to-use self check-in kiosk, visitors can check themselves in by providing any information you require, or by scanning their driver's license, passport, or ID card. If you choose, this process can also be handled by a receptionist. When a visitor is ready to leave, it only takes a click to sign them out. A visitor blacklist will prevent unwanted visitors.

The result is a streamlined visitor management process that is simple and effective.

Customize Your Visitor Management Software
Custom Design & Questions

Customization is an important part of purchasing a solution from Savance. It is our belief that your software and hardware solution from Savance should have a look that fits your company, not ours. From logo and general color scheme, to specific design elements, fonts, and more, we will design your visitor management solution to match or complement your specific branding and style.

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Visitor Management Features
Incorporate PDFs, Videos, Visitor Photos, Signature Capture & More

EIOBoard Visitor Management comes with many options for customization to suit your needs. On a more basic level, the questions asked during visitor sign-in will be customized to collect the information you need from a visitor. Multi-lingual options are also available. In addition, you can prompt visitors to review a PDF, agree to terms with a signature, have their photo taken, or to watch an informational/safety video.

Capture Visitor Information with ID Scanning
Automatically Capture Information with an ID Scanner

Depending on your preference, visitors will input information by using the touch screen, or by scanning a driver's license, passport, or ID card. A copy of visitor ID cards can be saved into the system.

Assign (and Design) Custom Visitor Name Tags, Badges, ID Cards & Key Fobs

Add a label or card printer to the solution for professional visitor name tags or badges. Visitor passes can be customized to include the information that you choose, including a photo of the guest, time and date, name of host, reason for visit, and more. Frequent visitors and contractors may be assigned badges, ID cards, and key fobs. Completely configurable WYSIWYG designer with drag and drop functionality included.

Send Automated Visitor Arrival Notifications to Host
Send Automatic Arrival Notifications

Once a visitor has been signed in, their host will be automatically notified via a text message, an email, or a popup message on their computer.

Collect & Securely Store Vital Visitor Information

All visitor information is automatically stored in a private and secure central database. This information can later be used to expedite the registration process for frequent visitors, as well as for reporting and audit trail data.

Complete Visitor Reporting Capabilities
Full Reporting Capabilities

Print, preview, or export dozens standard or custom reports using EIOBoard Visitor Management, including Daily Visitor Volumes and Visitor Wait Times. In case of an emergency, you can quickly create a report of everyone currently in the building or at the location. For complete emergency preparedness, see our emergency management solution.

Next Steps

All Savance EIOBoard solutions integrate seamlessly with one another. With Visitor Management, many of our customers are also interested in Emergency Mustering. Many also choose to integrate their EIOBoard solution with a new or existing access control system. However, whether you are looking for one or several solutions, Savance will put together a software/hardware package customized to your exact needs. Contact us today to find out more about Savance EIOBoard Visitor Management, or to sign up for a free web demo!

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Savance EIOBoard offers a number of electronic status board solutions, including Emergency Mustering, Staff Tracking, Visitor Management, and more. All EIOBoard solutions integrate completely with one another. We offer a Free Demo of all solutions, as well as a free 30-day trial. For healthcare-specific solutions, make sure to see our Savance Health line of products.

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