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Access Control System Integration

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Keri Systems Doors.NET View Keri Systems Savance Integration PDF
KeyKing SPHINX View KeyKing Savance Integration PDF
LenelS2 OnGuard View LenelS2 Savance Integration PDF
NetBox, NetBox Online View LenelS2 NetBox Savance Integration PDF
Open Options Access Technology Open DX, Fusion Suite, DNA Fusion, Flex API View Open Options Access Technology Savance Integration PDF
Openpath Openpath View Openpath Savance Integration PDF
Paxton Net2 View Paxton Access Savance Integration PDF
PCSC LINC, LINC-NXG, LINC-PLUS, LINC-XS, LINC-EZ View RS2 Technologies Savance Integration PDF
ProdataKey (PDK) View PDK Savance Integration PDF
RS2 Technologies Access It! View RS2 Technologies Savance Integration PDF
SALTO Systems XS4 Software - ProAccess Space View RS2 Technologies Savance Integration PDF
Sielox Pinnacle View Sielox Savance Integration PDF
WatchNet Access Netflow IP View WatchNet Access Savance Integration PDF
3xLogic Infinias, Intelli-M View 3xLogic/Infinias Savance Integration PDF
AMAG Technology Symmetry View AMAG Technology Savance Integration PDF
Apollo APACS View Apollo Savance Integration PDF
Avigilon Access Control Manager (ACM) View Avigilon Savance Integration PDF
Brivo Onair View Brivo Savance Integration PDF
Dormakaba (Keyscan) Keyscan System VII (Legacy), Keyscan Aurora, Keyscan LUNA, E-Plex 5800, E-Plex Enterprise View Dormakaba KeyScan Savance Integration PDF
DoorTek DoorTek-IS Core, DoorTek-IS Enterprise View DoorTek Savance Integration PDF
DSX Access Systems WinDSX View DSX Access Systems Savance Integration PDF
Feenics Keep by Feenics View Feenics Savance Integration PDF
Galaxy System Galaxy View Galaxy Savance Integration PDF
Genetec Synergis, Genetec Security Center View Genetec Savance Integration PDF
Hartmann Controls, PRO-ACC Platinum View Hartmann Controls Savance Integration PDF
Honeywell Pro-Watch View Honeywell Savance Integration PDF
WIN-PAK View Honeywell Savance Integration PDF
IDentiCard PremiSys View IDentiCard and Savance Integration PDF
Johnson Controls Kantech EntraPass View Kantech Savance Integration PDF
Software House C-Cure (C-Cure 9000) View C-Cure Savance Integration PDF

Through partnerships with access control providers such as 3xLogic (formerly Infinias), Brivo, Keri Systems, PCSC, and ProdataKey (PDK), Savance offers integrated solutions that combine a new or existing access control system with Savance's customizable and fully scalable solutions for business automation. We integrate with constantly growing number of providers; however, Savance's solutions are able to support almost any access control system. For more information, give us a call or contact us using the form below.

Extend the Use of Your Access/Door Control System

The addition of Savance EIOBoard will turn a new or existing Access Control / Door Control System into a multi-purpose solution that delivers the ability to regulate and protect employees and assets. You will be able to automate much more than physical access alone. Below are a few examples of how EIOBoard will work with a new or existing Access Control System, allowing you to streamline, automate, and simplify your existing business processes.

Savance Solution

How It Integrates with Access Control

When staff come and go through the doors, their status is automatically updated to "In" or "Out" for communication or accountability purposes.

Savance automatically keeps track of people as they pass in and out of a door, and uses a mobile tablet to 1) quickly account for people at muster stations; 2) identify missing staff, visitors, and contractors; and 3) pinpoint a missing person’s last location.

Display the in/out status of staff or visitors on large format display boards (32"-55"), utilizing information from door swipes or from updates from door swipes or from updates using a mobile device, app, web browser, or kiosk.

As credentials are swiped at a door, or at a dedicated kiosk using a badge, staff attendance is automatically tracked, and can be exported to Paychex, ADP, or the company’s own HR system.

Revolving temporary badges can be assigned, allowing for visitors to be tracked for audit purposes or emergency mustering. Badges can also be printed and dynamically activated to grant access to certain security group for contractors.

Staff Tracking / Electronic In & Out Board

Electronic In & Out Board / Staff Tracking

Easy and flexible electronic in/out board, allowing employees to sign in and out of the office as they come and go.

Starting at $500.

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Emergency Mustering

Emergency Mustering

Affordable and easy-to-use emergency management solution, customizable to suit any business.

Starting at $1,000 without hardware; $3,500 with hardware.

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Large Screen Electronic Displays

Large Screen Display

Large-screen digital signage solution designed to display critical information viewable at a glance.

Starting at $1,000 without hardware; $2,000 with hardware.

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Electronic Payroll / Time & Attendance Solution

Time & Attendance

Electronic timesheet solution that automates data collection, and processes payroll quickly and accurately.

Starting at $1,000.

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Visitor Management

Visitor Management

Customizable and easy-to-use electronic visitor management solution that streamlines visitor processes.

Starting at $2,000 without hardware; $4,000 with hardware.

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