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Features & Benefits

  • Eliminate paper-based time tracking methods, and simplify work life for everyone involved.
  • Fully scalable to any size company – whether 20 employees or 5,000.
  • Customize the solution by entering configurable business rules.
  • Automatically apply overtime, time off, meal breaks, paid vacation time, and more.
  • Eliminate the problem of trying to accurately account for off-site employees.


Jeff Solman

Nahanni Steel Products

The system pays for itself in saved administration costs alone.

Martin Rowland

Sherritt International Corporation

It has really hit the nail on the head. It has accomplished everything we'd hoped for.

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Savance EIOBoard
Time & Attendance

Savance Time & Attendance Overview Video

Savance Time and Attendance is an electronic timesheet solution that eliminates the administrative tasks associated with paper- and punch clock-based time and attendance processes. Savance automates calculations to minimize payroll errors, and provides a flexible, hassle-free solution for employees, managers, and administrators alike. Users can check in and out by scanning or swiping a badge, via a computer, or by using a touch screen employee check-in kiosk.

Electronic timesheet solution - replace paper- and punch-clock based time tracking

By eliminating paper time card methods and old-fashioned punch clocks, you can stop the payroll errors and administrative nightmare once and for all. Use Savance’s electronic timesheet solution to collect data and process payroll quickly and accurately. Time & Attendance also features browser and mobile-based interfaces, making it possible to access the application from anywhere in the world.

How Does It Work?

The EIOBoard electronic timesheet solution is meant to simplify work life for everyone involved.

  • Employees: When employees arrive at work, Time & Attendance offers several simple methods for clocking in and out. Choose the option best suited for your business, for example:

    employee badge icon Scanning or swiping an employee badge

    computer sign-in icon Signing in via a computer

    touch screen icon Using a touch screen employee check-in kiosk

  • Managers: EIOBoard Time & Attendance gives managers the real-time visibility they need to ensure adequate staffing and enforce attendance policies. Additionally, because the application is real-time, managers can easily manage overtime and tardiness issues as they happen, rather than at the end of a pay period.
  • Administrators: Payroll administrators no longer have to calculate hours, overtime, and wages. EIOBoard Time & Attendance minimizes payroll errors by eliminating the human errors associated with time clock systems.
Drill Down to the Details

Easily drill down to see the complete timesheet detail. The EIOBoard interface is user-friendly and intuitive, even for the computer-shy. Managers can also modify timesheets for employees that forgot to clock in or out, and find out whether anyone else has modified a timecard.

Integration with Payroll Systems like Quickbooks, Paychex, ADP
Integrates with QuickBooks, Paychex, ADP & More

For each pay period, you can quickly review and export employee timesheet data, formatted to your payroll company's specifications. Export the file into systems such as QuickBooks, Paychex, or ADP in minutes, or export data to meet your company’s specific payroll needs.

Complete Time & Attendance Reporting
Full Reporting Capabilities

Built-in reporting helps you identify necessary improvements on time and attendance. With one click, managers can view attendance and timesheet reports, such as Usage Summary, In Out History Summary, Start & End Time, and more.

Create Custom Timesheets

EIOBoard Time & Attendance is easy to customize by entering your configurable business rules, so you can automatically apply overtime, time off, meal breaks, and paid vacation time. You can customize timecards down to the employee level, depending on varying policies. You can also add, edit, and delete employee records, and control who can make modifications.

Time Tracking for Off-Site Employees

Eliminate the problem of trying to accurately account for off-site employees. The EIOBoard electronic timesheet software is able to track the time of off-site employees as well. Employees can check-in from their home or off-site, using a PC or a mobile device.

Next Steps

All Savance EIOBoard solutions integrate fully with one another, and are meant to help your business automate and simplify work processes. With Time & Attendance, we can recommend Access Control Plus and Emergency Mustering. Whether you are interested in several solutions or just one, Savance will put together a software/hardware package customized to your exact needs. Contact us today to find out more about Savance EIOBoard Time & Attendance, or to sign up for a free web demo!

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