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Lifeboat Accountability - Emergency Management Solution for Offshore Emergencies

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  • Instant sign-in at each lifeboat by leveraging card, barcode, and touch screen technology.
  • Allows staff to easily plan for quick and effective evacuation..
  • Easily track who plans to embark, who has embarked, and who has disembarked, for complete visibility at any time.
  • All roll calls are saved and synced back to the server when online for reporting and audit purposes.
  • Available during power and network outages.
  • Provide employees with 100% Peace of Mind.


Brandon Hargreaves

Captain, Transocean

My relief and I have both had emergency musters since the installation of the system, and on both occasions we had musters in under 10 minutes. One of those emergencies took place at 0200 in the morning and involved significant emergency response and the confusion that comes along with it. Still, muster was completed in about 8 minutes. If you would have told me this before the installation of the E-Muster system, I would have thought you were lying.

Steve Walker

Captain, Transocean

Most importantly, this solution has the potential to save lives in a real emergency by tracking personnel who aren't where they are expected to be, and it can be updated efficiently as soon as personnel arrive or depart the vessel.

Ken Davis

Radio Operator, Transocean

Before implementing [the Savance Emergency Mustering] system on the Inspiration, I was excited about the thought of faster, more efficient emergency musters. We’ve been using it for several months now and the system has exceeded my expectations.

Savance EIOBoard
Lifeboat Accountability

EIOBoard Lifeboat Accountability was developed with oil field, shipboard, and other off-shore emergencies in mind, allowing personnel and visitors to respond to an emergency situation in the simplest and most effective manner. The EIOBoard emergency management system will provide the structure to prevent critical steps from being overlooked in case of an evacuation due to e.g. oil spills, fires, explosions, or natural disasters.

EIOBoard Lifeboat Accountability Screenshot

If you work off-shore, on a ship, oil rig, or other vessel, having a comprehensive response plan to emergencies is critical. As a company owner, you are responsible for minimizing the risk of human life and end preventable loss of life at sea. Safety procedure coordination and consistency is crucial.

As part of an effective off-shore emergency evacuation plan and overall workplace safety procedures, EIOBoard Lifeboat Accountability minimizes the risks to human life at sea. Its simple and straightforward setup also prevents communication issues due to e.g. different languages spoken by the shipboard or oil rig personnel.

How Does It Work?

EIOBoard Lifeboat Accountability is a software-based system used by an administrator to pre-register people and assign lifeboats, assign badges and barcodes, and input contact information. Each lifeboat is equipped with fixed EIOBoard hardware for a quick and easy self-service check in process that employees will have no problems familiarizing themselves with. Our hardware leverages badge and barcode technology, as well as touch screen capabilities.

In the case of an off-shore emergency situation that requires lifeboat evacuation, employees and guests easily check in to a lifeboat using one of three simple methods:

Scan badge for lifeboat check-in Scan badge

Scan barcode to check-in to lifeboat Scan barcode

Use touchscreen for lifeboat evacuation check-in Tap name on touchscreen device

Based on the simplicity of the system, communication issues due to for example language differences can be avoided. When necessary, there is also the option for a person to check in to another lifeboat than the one they were initially assigned to. By searching for their name in the system, and clicking to check in, the person will be added to the new lifeboat and removed from the original one.

Lifeboat Accountability Screenshots

Available During Power & Network Outages

The EIOBoard Lifeboat Accountability software does not need to be connected to the network at all times to work. It comes with an offline interface, which is hosted on any Windows tablet or laptop, and syncs with the EIOBoard system over a WiFi or wired network connection at customizable intervals. When a device gets disconnected from the network, due to poor off-shore signals or an emergency situation, the offline mode kicks in, ceasing to synchronize until it has been reconnected. While disconnected, the Lifeboat Accountability system mimics the state at the moment connection was lost, listing everyone that was signed in or out at the time of the emergency.

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