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EIOBoard Software | Interface Options

The following applications are included with any EIOBoard purchase. Add-on products to follow below.


Installed on a PC and runs as a program.

Outlook Add-in

Installed right into Microsoft Outlook.

Browser Interface

Accessed through a web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox)

Application Interface Included with Purchase Outlook Interface Included with Purchase Browser Interface Included with Purchase
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iPhone and iPad App

Quick access to status updates, contact info, messaging, and co-worker's status from iOS.

Android App

Quick access to status updates, contact info, messaging, and co-workers' statuses from Android.

Mobile Web Interface

Accessed through a web-enabled mobile device like an iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone.

iPhone and iPad App Android App Mobile Interface
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Additional Add-ons

Offline Electronic Mustering Interface

Emergency status board and roll call tool with up-to-date information on all staff and visitors available at all times.


Status updates, time clock, visitor management, meeting room display, status board, and more.

Offline Interface Add-On Kiosk Interface
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Automatically change your status as you walk through the door with your badge.

Software Development Kit

Toolkit allowing you to extend the functionality of the system for your own custom needs.

Punch Interface EIOBoard Software Development Kit
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