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Helpful Guides and Pages

Use the below video guides, PDFs, and pages to help you get started with EIOBoard.

Admin Series Video Guides

How to add users in the EIOBoard web interface How to add and manage statuses in the EIOBoard web interface How to add and manage groups and locations in the EIOBoard web interface

User Training Video Guides

Understanding the EIOBoard Interface Updating Your Status in EIOBoard Using the EIOBoard Mobile App

Hardware Installation Guides

Unboxing Kiosk & Accessories Video Assembling the Kiosk, Part 1, Video Assembling the Kiosk, Part 2, Video

Admin Getting Started Guides

EIOBoard-Hosted Help Guide Cloud-Hosted Guide Customer-Hosted Help Guide On-Premise-Hosted Guide Kiosk Getting Started Guide Kiosk Getting Started Guide Training Training
Installing EIOBord on Windows 2012 Install v9 on Windows 2012/2016 Intranet Install Guide On-Premise Install Guide        

Getting Started Guides

StatusBoard Cloud-Hosted Application Software Developement Kit Cloud-Hosted Outlook Add-In Ad Sync Cloud-Hosted Browser Mobile Help Guide Mobile Getting Started Guide
StatusBoard On-Premise-Hosted Application Software Developement Kit On-Premise-Hosted Outlook Add-In Ad Sync On-Premise-Hosted Browser Kiosk Installation Guide Kiosk Installation Guide
EIOBoard Outlook Integration Manual EIOBoard Outlook Integration Manual EIOBoard Integration with Outlook and Exchange EIOBoard Integration w/ Outlook & Exchange        

Support Guides

Support Help Guide How to Use Support Submitting a ticket How to Submit a Ticket What comes with our yearly support package Customer Support Standards AutoUpdate Disable Automatic Update
Maintanence Agreement Maintenance Agreement Renewal Discount Renewal Discounts Exhange Synchronization Help Exchange Sync Instructions Reseller Information Reseller Info

Features Guides

Administration User Settings Guide User Settings Guide Calendar Help Guide Calendar Guide Timesheet Help Guide Timesheet Guide BrowserCalendar Help Guide Browser Calendar Guide
Reports Help Guide Specific Reports Guide Text Message Help Guide Text Messaging Guide Resource Manager Guide Resource Manager Guide Chat Message Help Guide Customize Chat Guide
Sharepoint Help Guide Sharepoint Integration Guide Door Control Help Guide Door Control Guide Active Directory Synchronization Active Directory Sync My Customer Sync Customer Sync Windows Service
TAPI Guide TAPI Guide Offline Guide Offline Guide Future Status Filters Guide iPhone Help Guide iPhone Guide
SDK Guide SDK (Software Development Kit) Guide Broadcasting Guide Broadcast Guide Importing TimeCards Into Quickbooks Import Timecards to Quickbooks Help Guide Cisco TAPI Setup Guide Cisco TAPI Setup Guide
Cisco TAPI Setup Guide Multiple Status Update Guide Notifications/Alerts Guide Notifications/Alerts Guide        

Hardware Guides

Interactive Installation Guides Interactive Installation Guides Kiosk Standard Stand Kiosk Standard Stand Kiosk Heavy Duty Stand Kiosk Heavy Duty Stand Infinias Setup Guide Infinias Setup Guide
L-1 Fingerprint Reader L-1 Fingerprint Reader RF Code Guide RF Code Guide Skype help Guide Skype Guide    

Helpful Pages

How to Embed EIOBoard into PowerPoint Slideshow Embed EIOBoard into PowerPoint Slideshow Report Builder EIOBoard SQL Customer Report Builder Logo & Image Guidelines for Custom Solutions

Additional Information

Helpful Pages Time and Attendance Helpful Pages Kiosk Solutions Helpful Pages Magnetic White Board Replacement
Helpful Pages Patient Tracking Helpful Pages On-the-Go Mobility Helpful Pages School and Universities
Helpful Pages Add Upgrades to EIOBoard Helpful Pages Hospitals Helpful Pages Install and Configure the Door Control Module
Helpful Pages Where is EIOBoard Used? Helpful Pages Reception Desks Helpful Pages 10 Best Ways to Use EIOBoard
Helpful Pages Setting Up the Help Desk Helpful Pages Setup an Office Building Helpful Pages Browser Transition
Helpful Pages Configuring the Users View Helpful Pages Changing the look of EIOBoard Helpful Pages How to Configure TAPI
Helpful Pages Where Would I be Without a Kiosk? Helpful Pages Administration Helpful Pages Apply a License Key
Helpful Pages Employee In Out Board Helpful Pages Automated Installations Helpful Pages What to Expect after Placing Your Order