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Customization | Savance EIOBoard

Savance sets ourselves apart from our competitors by not selling you a standard “out-of-the-box” solution, and then calling it a day. Instead, we customize each solution to fit your branding and exact needs. From software and hardware, to design, components, and layout, we make sure your complete package solution fits your organization to a T.

Branded Visitor Management Screen Design

Because your kiosks for visitors and staff should match your branding and not that of the software manufacturer, Savance provides custom-designed self check-in kiosk screens as part of our solutions. Below are a few examples of past designs - Click image to enlarge.

Healthcare & COVID-19 Screening Designs

Custom Kiosk Design

Our two most popular self-check in kiosk setups are our Curved Kiosk and our Podium Kiosk, which are both available with custom design options. Similar to the branded screens, we generally provide a few options that suit the client's branding and color scheme. Here are a few sample designs.

Modern, curved visitor management self check-in kiosks

The Curved Kiosk is a full-size check-in kiosk that comes with a 22" touchscreen. Savance will help you customize the look of the front of the kiosk, as well as the check-in screen.

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Sleek podium-style visitor management self check-in kiosks

The Podium-Style Kiosk is a sleek, yet heavy-duty free standing kiosk that fits 22-42" touch screens. Savance provides design customization for the front of the podium, as well as for the check-in screen.

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Custom Large Screen Status Boards

In addition to custom branding of screens, kiosk stands, badges, name tags, and more for solutions like Staff Tracking and Visitor Management, Savance EIOBoard offers fully custom designed large screen status boards for your organization. We have designed and developed custom solutions for tracking prison inmates, fire station availability, resources, staff availability, and more. A few examples can be viewed below - Click image to enlarge.

Custom Design Example for Curved Visitor Management Kiosk

The Design Process

When your order includes custom design work, Savance's design team generally provides a few options for a Visitor Management or Staff Tracking kiosk screen design, the kiosk stand, or a fully custom solution. Similar for any type of design work is that we work with your logo, branding, and color scheme to come up with a design that matches your company. It is our belief that your software and hardware solution from Savance — most importantly, a customer- or visitor-facing solution — should have a look that fits your company, not ours.

— Our Work Process —

Savance is committed to our customers before, during, and after each sale, and want you to be a partner and a friend for years to come. To get an idea of how we normally work with customers —from first contact to product implementation— here is a simplified version of our work process:

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We meet with you through a web-based consultation/free demo session, where we present our solutions, as well as make sure we know exactly what your organization needs, and any problems you are looking to solve.

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The design process includes anything from modifying the look of a solution to fit your branding, to designing the look and layout of a fully custom solution, to coming up with a complete solution strategy and layout for a multi-location business.

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Once any custom designs, plans, and layouts have been approved by you, our engineers step in and do their magic, turning these designs, plans, and layouts into fully functional solutions for your organization.