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Badge Card & Name Tag

Badges & Name Tags

Badges come in all shapes and sizes and for all kinds of uses. The most common use in most facilities is for access control only; however, thanks to EIOBoard’s integration with almost any access control company, our badges can be used not only for Access Control, but for Time & AttendanceVisitor ManagementEmergency Mustering and more. And the best part — it's not only secure and accurate, but also quick and easy. Don’t need a badge for your visitors? Check out our name tag options!

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Types of Badges

Today, badges are available in a number of formats including company-issued ID cards, state-issued ID cards, drivers licenses, RF and proximity cards, barcode swipe, magnetic swipe cards (these are commonly used as hotel cards and credit cards), iClass, HID, and other technology. It's enough to confuse anyone interested in automating any of their processes using badge technology. What you want is a system that is flexible that will allow staff to carry only one card or use whatever THEY want to identify themselves. Savance can help you create the ideal badge system for your staff and guests that will be ideal based on what your staff already carry, what kind of security system you have in place, what, if any, you provide to guests, and your overall objectives.

Proximity Cards

Proximity cards work off of a radio frequency signal sent by the transmitter. They come in different "bit" sizes, which basically tell you how many numbers can be programmed as the unique identifier on the card. When the card comes in the range of the card reader, the card reader detects the card and reads the badge ID from the card. Depending on the card and the reader determines the length at which the card can be read without making contact with the reader. Organizations can mix cards as long as they use the same technology. For example, some could carry the ProxCard II, some could carry the ISOProx, and come could carry the keyfobs, as long as the target badge reader was a proximity reader. Learn more about HID proximity cards (PDF).

Badge Card Styles

ProxCard II
ProxCard II

The ProxCard II is also known as a clamshell card. The ID and picture can be printed directly on the card with an ID badge printer. The ProxCard II has good range but the tradeoff is thickness. It's about the size of two credit cards thick. Because it is one of the least expensive proximity cards, it is also one of the most popular.

ISOprox II Card

The ISOProx II is one of the thinnest proximity cards available. It's the same thickness as a credit card, your state issued ID, or a hotel key card. The range of the ISOProx II is slightly less than that of the ProxCard II (clamshell) card due to the fact that the card is smaller. The cards are more expensive than a clamshell, but are also popular due to the convenience of carrying a thinner card.

DuoProx II
DuoProx II

The DuoProx is just like the ISOProx but adds a magnetic stripe. The ID and picture can be printed directly on this card with an ID badge printer or a 2x3 printed label.

ISOprox II Card
ProxKey III Keyfob

These are cards that are built right into a keyfob. This is a great option for those who already carry a set of keys around and would prefer to put their badge on their key chain rather than carry around another card.

ProxCard II

The iClass cards were designed with an additional level of security in mind. All transmission to and from the reader are encrypted, offering protection against copying cards. In addition, cards can store data such as medical record number, last visit, and other data.

Magnetic Stripe Card
Magnetic Stripe

A magnetic stripe card is a plastic card that has a magnetic stripe on the back. You've probably used them already at a hotel and when using your credit card. They can be reprogrammed easily with a reader/writer or they can be purchased with pro-programmed numbers. These cards require a physical swipe with contact through a magnetic reader.

ProxCard II
RFID Silicon Wristband

Our RFID Silicone Wristbands were moulded with an embedded chip, and are a great alternative to more common badge types, particularly in harsh environments. These waterproof wristbands are flexible and comfortable, and great for extended wear. Available in a wide range of colors.

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Name Tags & Holders

Adhesive Name Tags
Adhesive Name Tags

300 2-5/16" x 4" Adhesive Name Tags in continuous roll format for both ease-of-print and ease-of-use. For use as adhesive visitor name tags, or in combination with our reusable Visitor Name Tag Holders. Fully compatible with the Visitor Label Printer.

Non-Adhesive Name Tags
Non-Adhesive Name Tags

White 4-1/6"x2-1/3" Non-Adhesive Name Tags fit into regular badge holders, and provide clearly printed visitor name tags. Thanks to direct thermal print technology, text won’t smudge, smear, or fade. The Non-Adhesive Name Tags are packed in a roll for easy printing and less waste, and are compatible with our Visitor Label Printer.

Plain, Continuous Labels
Continuous Labels

Extra long roll of continuous labels. 2 1/4” wide, 300ft. For use with the Visitor Label Printer.

Expiring Name Tags
Expiring Name Tags

With the Expiring Name Tags, there is no need to collect visitor badges at the end of a visit. Instead, a colored VOID message will appear overnight in order to prevent reuse. The Expiring Name Tags are compatible with our Visitor Label Printer, and are available in a few different designs.

Visitor Name Tag Holders
Visitor Name Tag Holders

Make plain adhesive visitor name tags stand out with custom-printed (front and back) reusable tag holders. Room for branding, policies, and other info. Made from sturdy card stock and with Clean Peel coating for easy label removal.

Clear Badge Holders
Clear Badge Holders

Durable, clear vinyl badge holders, equipped with slot holes for easy attachment.

Black & Blue Lanyards

3.8" wide flat, woven lanyards with a breakaway safety feature. Available in black and navy blue.

Strap Clip
Strap Clip

2 3/4" clear vinyl straps with bulldog clip, designed for long term use.