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32" Enterprise Line Touch Screen Kiosk

55" Enterprise Line Touch Screen Kiosk

Our 55" enterprise line wall-mountable kiosk is one of the largest in our enterprise series, giving you a very large viewing area with touch screen capabilities. The unit easily mounts on the wall, and can be used as a large screen display. The unit allows people to both view and interact with the status board, without a keyboard or mouse.


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Product Overview

46" Touch Screen

55" LCD Touch Screen & VESA Mount

All-in-one touch panel LCD computer with super slim compact design, and optional certified wall-mount, making it the ideal fit in any environment. 

Wall Mount Kits

Wall Mount Kits

We offer you a series of mounting options, you can choose from a fixed, a tilting or articulating mount to help make the installation easier. See all options

Quite Design

Super Quiet Design

Are you looking for a unit that is quiet and produces minimal noise? These units are built on a fanless design keeping them super quiet.

46" Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

This unit is energy efficient with its low power Atom processor and fanless operation. The clear 46" flatscreen uses less energy than normal touch screens, and will ultimately save you money.

EIOBoard and Windows 7

Windows 7 and Kiosk Software

Kiosks come equipped with Windows 7 Home, and an EIOBoard Kiosk Software License.


How It's Used

Status Updates

Status Updates 

Our touch screen kiosks allow employees and guests a quick way to update their status in real-time. The touch screen kiosks can be placed throughout the building allowing people the ability to check notes, send messages, change status, and more.

Time Sheets

Use to Track Timesheets

No more paper punch cards! Record all your payroll timecards electronically. Combine this with our EIOBoard timesheets feature to review time records and create electronic time cards.

Guest Check In

Electronic Guest Book

Get rid of the old paper guest books and upgrade to a new electronic version. When you have a guest visiting your company or office, you can now record electronically their name, phone number, email address, contact info, and reason for visit.

Patient Tracking

Patient Tracking

Provides real-time patients, doctor, and nurse tracking for a hospital or medical office. Patients can sign in when they arrive, and the system can track the patient througout the entire process of care.

Included with Purchase

Kiosk License

EIOBoard Kiosk Software License


Windows 7


3 year manufacturer's warranty on hardware

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