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ID & Passport Scanning Options

Do you have trouble deciding what ID or passport scanning option works best for your business? This overview will help you compare some of the main types of scanning solutions, including barcode scanners, ID scanners, passport scanners, and combined ID and passport scanners. Finally, a brief comparison table breaks down options by main features/capabilities.

1D/2D Barcode Scanners

Barcode Scanning (DS457)

These 1D/2D barcode scanners offer the ability to quickly and easily scan the 2D barcode off the back of any state-issued ID or driver's license. This is the most affordable and most user-friendly option to quickly identify visitors. The devices also provides two additional features for visitors and contractors:

  • Visitors can use their phone or paper to scan the barcode from their pre-registration e-mail or text.
  • Visitors can use the barcode printed on their name tag to sign out or to gain access through any door, turnstile, or lift gate.

The 1D/2D barcode scanners can also be used by staff as a form of identification. This device does not have the capability to read passports.

ID Scanner

ID Scanning (CR5400)

This ID scanning device allows you to drop in a state-issued ID or driver’s license not only to validate its authenticity but also to read its identification information from the barcode. In addition, the scanner can scan the front and back of the ID simultaneously if image retention is important to your organization. The device also has the capability to crop the person’s image as well as read their identification information directly from the printed text using OCR if the barcode is not available or readable. This device does not have the capability to read passports.

To see this unit in action and learn more info, check out this Gemalto overview video.

passport Scanner

Passport Scanning (CR100)

About the size of a credit card swipe device, this is a very compact method of reading information directly from the read code line data located on the inside bottom of passports. This Gemalto overview video shows you how simple it is to scan a passport and quickly use the identification information into the Savance Visitor Management system.

ID & Passport Scanner

ID & Passport Scanning (AT10k)

This ID & Passport Scanner is the Cadillac for identification, often used at airline checkpoints or border crossings. It has the capability to read passports, state-issued IDs, and driver’s licenses, as well as barcodes from pre-registration or name tags.

The ID & Passport Scanner is capable of validating IDs and passports, getting a scan of the passport or ID, and retrieving the information of it in the process. With many IDs, the barcode is on the back, so it may require you to manually scan both sides of the ID if you wish to read the 2D barcode and retrieve a scan of the front of the ID as well. This can be cumbersome in comparison to the CR5400 or the barcode scanner if used as an ID scanner. This also makes it a bit more difficult to use depending on the organization’s scanning needs.

The ID & Passport Scanner is also the most expensive option and challenging for new users to learn and understand how to properly use. This makes it difficult to be fully adopted in a kiosk environment. The device also has the largest footprint of all the options competing with valuable desktop space at attended Visitor Management stations.

Quick Overview & Comparison

  Barcode Scanner (DS457) Passport Scanner (CR100) ID Scanner
Document Scanner (AT10k)
  1d/2d barcode scanner ID scanning passport scanner ID and passport scanner
Cost $ $ $$ $$$$
Speed <1 second 1-3 seconds 5 seconds 5-10 seconds
ID Scanning Yes   Yes Yes
Passport Scanning   Yes   Yes
Scanned Image of Document     Yes (two-sided simultaneously) Yes
Document Validation     Yes Yes