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ID & Passport Scanner

ID & Passport Scanner

The small and stylish AT10K ID & Passport Scanner provides the ability to quickly and reliably inspect, authenticate, and capture identification data from passports, licenses, and IDs . With built-in features for ease-of-use, it's a great, flexible choice for any type of Visitor Management solution, self-service or attended.

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Passport Scanning

How Does It Work?

The AT10K ID & Passport Scanner includes an LED "landing light" that guides the user to accurately place documents on the device and alerts the person of its scanning progress and when it is complete. This makes it easy for first-time users to scan documents without any training. The AT10K ID & Passport Scanner is an ideal choice for kiosks or attended Visitor Management stations requiring license, ID, and passport scanning with flexibility to capture a scan of the document and support almost any sort of identification document in one device.