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Curved Kiosk

Curved Kiosk

Full-size curved check-in kiosk sold with 22" touchscreen, PC, and EIOBoard kiosk license. Front decal customization options and additional accessories available, including printer tray, camera, and 2D barcode scanner. Options displayed below. 

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Add-Ons & Accessories

Custom Front Vinyl Decal for Curved Kiosk

Custom Decal

Custom-designed graphic front vinyl decal for the curved kiosk. » View sample designs

Custom-Mount Barcode Scanner

2D barcode scanner/reader, custom-mounted to the curved kiosk.

Price: $500 Add to Cart

Price: $650 Add to Cart

Custom-Mounted Camera for the Curved Kiosk

Custom-Mounted Camera

Custom-mounted camera for the curved kiosk.

Keyboard Tray Add-On for Kiosk Floor Stand

ID Tray

Optional ID tray for our kiosk floor stand.

Price: $200 Add to Cart

Price: $200 Add to Cart

Printer Tray Add-On for Floor Stand

Printer Tray

Optional printer tray for our kiosk floor stand.
Works perfectly with our Visitor Label Printer.

Temperature Scanner for Visitor & Staff Kiosk

Temperature Scanner

Hands-free and fully automated temperature scanning for staff and visitor screening.

Price: $200 Add to Cart

UV Light Cleaner for Visitor & Staff Kiosk

UV Light Cleaner

Proactive high-touch surface disinfectant that works by dispensing germicidal UV-C light at low levels.