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Note: This page is no longer kept up-to-date. For updated content, please see Savance Workplace iPhone App.

Mobile in out board for the iPhone and iPad App

EIOBoard App for iPhone & iPad

  • Works on both the iPhone and iPad
  • Quick and easy status updates
  • Get contact information and co-worker statuses quickly

EIOBoard iPhone App - Screenshot

Mobile Status Board App for iPhone and iPad

EIOBoard's mobile in out board app for iPhone, iPad and iOS is designed to allow users to quickly update their status, view other people’s status updates, read notes, send messages, view the status board, and much more. It is a complete mobile status board solution when out of the office.

Things You Can Do

  • Set and check statuses
  • Send and read notes
  • Send text messages
  • Browse and search the status view
  • Drill down into contact details
  • View current status details
  • View status history and updates


  • 100% native app available on Apple's App Store
  • GPS Location Tracking - tracks the whereabouts and show last location on a map – and even daily activity.
  • GEO Fencing - automatic status updates with the GPS locator to automatically set you to "In the Office" when you go in a certain range or "Home" or "San Francisco Office".
  • Send notes and text messages
  • Click-To-Call and Click-To-Email
  • EIOBoard Chat


Requires EIOBoard Server v9 or higher. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS v5.1.1 or higher. For older iOS versions or EIOBoard versions, see EIOBoard v8.

EIOBoard Internet Users - ready to go, download the app on your IPhone and iPad and point to

EIOBoard Intranet Users - requires EIOBoard 7.1.56, configure your site for remote access, then point to your external address (example For v9, requires v9 or higher to be installed on your server.