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Note: This page is no longer kept up-to-date. For updated content, please see Savance Workplace Mobile Interface.

EIOBoard Mobile Login Screen

EIOBoard Mobile

  • Works with any mobile phone with Internet connection
  • Check other users' statuses when out of the office
  • Update your status offsite
  • Get contact information quickly
  • Send a note to anyone at your company

EIOBoard Mobile Interface - Home Screenshot

Main EIOBoard Mobile Interface

The EIOBoard Mobile interface can be accessed from anywhere in the world using any web-enabled mobile device, including iPhones, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Mobile, that can connect to the website where EIOBoard is hosted ( if cloud-based, or your external site if customer-hosted). Although iPhone and Android users are welcome to use the mobile interface as well, we recommend our iPhone and Android apps for additional convenience. Users of this portable technology can update their status, check others' statues, send a quick note, or get contact information that they might need while on the road or out of the office.

EIOBoard Mobile Screenshot: View Contacts by Group

View Statuses & Contact Information

EIOBoard Mobile allows users to view all company wide statuses conveniently from any mobile phone. You can quickly see the status of your entire company from anywhere with your phone. It also allows users to work remotely and still keep in touch with their company or office. It also has the convenience of not having to install any software. From your phone you can also set future statuses and appointments quickly and easily. By using EIOBoard Mobile, users do not need to update their status in multiple locations, thus saving time and efforts. EIOBoard Mobile provides a perfect in out board solution for employees on the go.

EIOBoard Mobile Screenshot: Easily Select Status and Set Return Time

Quickly Update Your Status

With EIOBoard Mobile, users can quickly update their status with our large button design. Users can also include comment to inform others of the status change and select a customer location for possibly recording time spent at a certain location for billing purposes. The mobile interface also gives the users the ability to set future statuses for meetings and appointments.

EIOBoard Mobile Screenshot: View & Receive Messages

Send & Receive Messages

You can read and send notes and text messages to anyone right from your mobile phone. You can notify people of important information even if they are not in the office. Our messaging option allows users to send messages to an email address, as a private note to other EIOBoard users, or as a text message directly to their mobile phone.