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Note: This page is no longer kept up-to-date. For updated content, please see Savance Workplace Android App.

Android App

EIOBoard Android App

  • Now available for Android devices
  • Quick and easy status updates
  • Get contact information and co-worker statuses quickly

In/Out Board App for Android

Brand New Mobile Status Board App for Android!

With EIOBoard you can quickly see who is in and out at-a-glance. Our free Android app is a simple and easy-to-use mobile status board solution when out of the office. Use it for quick status updates, contact info, notes, text messaging, and more.


Things You Can Do

  • Set and check statuses
  • Send and read notes
  • Send text messages
  • Browse and search the status view
  • Drill down into contact details
  • View current status details
  • View status history and updates


  • 100% native app
  • GPS Location Tracking - tracks the whereabouts and show last location on the map - and even daily activity 
  • GEO Fencing - automatic status updates with the GPS locator to automatically set you to “In the Office” when you go in a certain range or “Home” or San Francisco Office”.


Android 4.0 or higher. EIOBoard cloud-hosted (not version specific) or customer-hosted v9.0.119 or higher.