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Nail Your First Impressions Illustration

Nail Your First Impressions

Posted on May 14, 2020 by TJ Trouba

It is said that it only takes seven seconds for you to make a first impression on another person, but have you ever stopped to consider that statistic in regards to your business? What would be running through your mind after seven seconds in your own lobby? Would it be making the first impression to match your business? If not, Savance is here to help. Through a blended use of displays and kiosks, we can ensure visitors and guests are wowed upon entry.

With the ability to display a plethora of different information, Savance Large Screen Display can be used in a wide variety of ways in an office setting. One example is to sync up with the active directory, and then use a touchscreen display board to show the whereabouts of employees. Working with our in house designer, we provide multiple display options to choose from, making sure the branding fits the exact need for each individual business. We can also use these large screen displays to track information to display in a waiting room setting. Whether tracking patients in a hospital and displaying that information for waiting families, or tracking the booking process at a local precinct to display to other officers for safety purposes, Savance can customize displays for any application.

In conjunction with large screen displays, Savance has also turned our Visitor Management solution into a branding mechanism to boost that initial first impression upon entry. Through custom-branded sign-in kiosks, we provide the ability for a guest to check in to a kiosk that looks and feels like your brand. In trying to attract top talent and close deals for your business, having the personalization to create a lasting impression can really put your business over the top.

First impressions, while not something considered all the time, are an integral part to the presentation and branding of your business. Subconsciously, everyone judges without even thinking about it; armed with this information, we should take every opportunity to put our best foot forward.