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Testimonial: Cardinal Health

As a new member to the Cardinal Health team I took on my first task researching and implementing a type of In/Out electronic board for our Technical Service centers. As our business offices work out of two different countries, San Diego USA and Quebec Canada, it was necessary to have a device that could connect both offices with the same In/Out board. After researching on the Internet, I found the EIOBoard and never looked further after learning about your product. Once I contacted sales team and spoke with Representative Donna Bardocz she fully sold me on the product establishing a great business relationship.

Thank you Savance team for quickly identifying the service needs of a team of 25 people. Within a few short days, your team got our two offices up and running with minimal complications. I have received numerous compliments and praises for bringing this product to Cardinal and just want to thank you for giving us the glance to see "who is in or out"! Thanks again for providing such an ideal product. We look forward to continuing our business relationship.

Alain Bilodeau


Cardinal Health