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Where Would I be Without a Kiosk?

EIOBoard Kiosks are the simpliest way for users to check in and out. With a simple touch, swipe of a card, or fingerprint users can check in and out quickly and easily from any location. Since the Kiosks are so simple user acceptance and overall use will increase. Our Kiosk Interface can be used in multiple way from a Large Screen display in a lobby or stand alone desktop.

 Kiosk Main Points   Simplest user interface
High user acceptance
 Can be used anywhere in building
Multiple hardware options

Touch Screen Kiosk

Kiosk Interface One Touch to Change Your Status. The Touchscreen Kiosk are simple for any user. Users have the ability to check notes, send messages, change status, and view others status.

Magnetics and HID Card Access

Kiosk Swipe Cards
Check In and Out Using an Magnetic or HID Card.
EIOBoard Kiosk is designed to work with HID Cardexhisting Magnetic and HID cards. The card swipe is an easy way for businesses to manage all their workers espacially if they have large amount of employees.Magnetic Card

Large Screen Display

Large Screen Display and PC
Large Screen and PC! Our Large Screen Displays range from 42" to 58" Screens and can be mounted anywhere. With our grouped packages you can have a fully functional kiosk without running any wires or cables. Our small PC's are discreetly hidden behind our large screens. With the wireless ability they require no internet cables.