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EIOBoard Setting Up Support Desk Email


Here are some Helpful Tips for setting up the Help Desk Email
Setting Up Your Help Desk
Support Help Desk Email
EIOBoard has the ability to send Help Desk requests from the EIOBoard Application, Browser, Outlook, and Mobile Interfaces
Go to the Administrator, then under the Company Setting tab, enter in a valid Support To Email Address to receive all help desk requests.
  1. To Send To Your Support - enter in a valid e-mail address in the Support To Email Address allowing your technical support team to receive all Help Desk support emails.
  2. To Send To EIOBoard/Savance - clear out the Support To Email Address and have all requests sent directly to EIOBoard/Savance and a ticket automatically be generated.
Make Sure Email is Enabled
Enable Email Settings

For EIOBoard-Hosted users, emailing is always enabled. 

For Customer-Hosted users - you must have the Emailing Option Enabled and properly configured in the EIOBoard Server program which runs on your server. If emailing is not enabled or not configured properly, Help Desk emails along with any other emails like Text Messages, Note Notifications sent via email, and Forgot Password requests will remain unsent in the email queue.