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Office Setup

Lobby Display

Our large lobby displays are used so that employees and guests can see the status of anyone in the building. With the multi-color statuses, you can easily see each users' status.  We have several size displays to fit any lobby.

 Large lobby display
View all employees on single screen
 Multi-colorful view

Lobby Display

Kiosk Interface

User Interactive Displays

Our user interactive displays allow users to interact with EIOBoard. From one location, users and guests can change views, lookup people, check in and out, view locations, view office numbers, view phone numbers, or send messages to anyone in or out of the building. Users can also login and view personal information and personal notes. If you change your status in any location, all interfaces will be updated including the lobby display.

 Touch screen and interactive
 Log in and out and view company info
 Send notes or view personal information

Employee's Desk

An employee can change their status at their desk and it will update on all displays in the building. Employees at their desk can use all the interfaces of EIOBoard including the Outlook Add-In, Web Browser, and Application Interface. Employees can also chat with any user, send notes, or send text messages to any phone.

 Update status everywhere in building
 Use any EIOBoard interface
 Send notes or personal information

Employees Desk

HID or Fingerprint Scanner

HID Card or FingerPrint Scanner

HID cards and fingerprint scanners allow users to check in and check out without being in front of a computer. Having an HID card or Fingerprint scanner at entrances and doors keeps instant status and locations of people in the building. This will also keep better time records and can be used with our timesheet option.

 Instant status and location changes
Keep better time records
Use HID card or fingerprint reader