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EIOBoard in Hospitals


Hospitals settings are one of the most critical and demanding workplaces as they deal with life and death situations each and every day.  The value of having an effective and consistent way of communicating between healthcare providers is a must.  Hospital personnel need effective communication for patient safety and continuity of care.  At times the job requires more than just good organizational skills, hard work, and determination; it requires the proper tools. The most innovative tool is EIOBoard Electronic In-Out Board from Savance. EIOBoard is an easy-to-use, computer and web hosted Electronic In-Out Status Board.  EIOBoard is more than an Electronic In-Out Status Board; it is a real communication center.  EIOBoard supports the hospital telephone operator as well as the entire healthcare team:  doctors, nurses, technicians, social workers, and janitorial staff.

Hospital telephone operators really benefit from being able to obtain the status of all the doctors, nurses, and staff and on a 24 hour basis.  It is critical that the caller is given the correct status information when the need is urgent.  EIOBoard was designed to be used with just a quick glance. The color-coded EIOBoard user statuses lets the operator quickly view who is In, Out, Unavailable, as well as their expected return time and comment, if entered.

In addition to this demanding job, the hospital operator is normally the only employees within the organization who cannot simply get up and walk away from their desk without first coordinating proper back up.  EIOBoard is an excellent tool for back-up and coordinating their relief. No more sticky-notes, memos, or time being spent updating their relief person in order to go on break, lunch, or vacation. All of the healthcare team's information needed is conveniently displayed on their PC.

EIOBoard can be setup as a hospital-wide solution that tracks the statuses of the entire healthcare staff comings and goings. Kiosks can be setup at all major healthcare entrances to allow doctors, nurses and staff to log in and out, check messages, which can help to do way with the annoying overhead paging system entirely.

Also, EIOBoard can be used to help admit patients so that the healthcare team can better track and see the patient's status and other critical information in an outpatient type setting, such as Radiology or Lab.

The healthcare worker must be able to seamlessly coordinate multiple priorities and critical important tasks all while maintaining precision, patience, and a positive attitude.

Healthcare facilities demand that a reliable solution be set in place for accurate and timely communication between the healthcare team, and EIOBoard is that solution. A hospital team member should not be spending valuable time searching for people who are no longer in the building, or process bounce-back-calls because that healthcare team member is no longer in their area or department .

Today's healthcare facilities need EIOBoard by Savance.

What's included

Get multiple interfaces for one single price! Here is what you will get when you purchase our EIOBoard product:



Outlook Add-in

Application Interface Browser Interface Outlook Interface

Setting Up

When using the Browser Interface you are given admin portal information during sign-up or purchase. This will give you access to all the administrative setting to your EIOBoard account.

  1. Go to and click the login link on the front page and enter the Username and Password given to you when you Sign Up or Purchased.

    EIOBoard Login

    Welcome to your new EIOBoard Browser Interface home!

    Receptionist Home
  2. Using your new EIOBoard Web Portal you can now setup all your Users, Departments, or Groups for your office building. You can easily go to the "Administration" EIOBoard screen to add your own users , change your color settings, add/edit/remove groups, and assign users to their appropriate organization and security groups there; this also enables you to see how easy it is to organize, add, or change information and organizational settings. 
    User Setup

    Note: Here is our EIOBoard Excel template at:  EIOBoard staff can import them for you or you can to it for yourself. Simply fill it out (making sure you fill in the * required cells) and email it back to

Hosting Options

EIOBoard Hosted

EIOBoard Hosted is the simplest way EIOBoard can be setup. It requires very minimal work and is operational in a matter of minutes because it is hosted entirely online and connected through your Internet Browser. Our New .NET Browser Version now has many of same features as our most popular Application interface.

  1. You will receive an email when you sign up for a Demo or Purchase the product.
  2. You may now login in to the EIOBoard Web Browser interface at
    using your login credentials below:
    Username: [Given in Email]
    Password: **********

    For instructions and sample files for deploying the EIOBoard Application and Outlook Interfaces to your clients, click here.

    An Excel user import template is available at:
    If you would like us to import your users for you, simply fill out the template and email it to:

Customer Hosted

EIOBoard Intranet is completely automated and can be setup in a matter of minutes. Our New .NET Application Version is our most popular interface and is the most features. Our EIOBoard Intranet Server Installation has an automated setup program that takes you Step-by-Step through the installation process.

  1. Download the EIOBoard Customer-Hosted Installer from:
  2. When prompted for your Installation Key during the install, enter the following:
    [Given in Email]

    At the completion of the installation, your login credentials are listed below:
    Admin Username: [Given in Email]
    Admin Password: ********

    Here are some helpful links that can help you through the installation and setup:

We have an MSI installer for our client Application and the Outlook add-in for Group Policy Deployment that can be requested by emailing us at

For instructions and sample files for deploying the EIOBoard Application and Outlook Interfaces to your clients, click here.

An Excel user import template is available at:
If you would like us to import your users for you, simply fill out the template and email it to: