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Customizing Your Chat Screen

Would you like to customize you own Chat screen? Here are some basic step on how to achieve this.

Customize chat

Find Chat Options

Customize chat to your own personal settings

  1. Open the Administrator Screen form either the Application, Outlook Add-In, or Browser interfaces (Chat does not work for the Mobile)
  2. Click the Settings Button
  3. Go to the Chat tab.


Chat Options

Chat Options

To add a Text Message Button to the toolbar in the Application and the Outlook Add-In.

  1. Click on Enable chat for chat to work.
  2. Click on time stamp to show each chats date and time
  3. Click on the Always Open Minimized.
  4. Click on Play Sound for first incoming chat and sound will only play or first chat message.
  5. Click on Play Sound for each incoming chat and sound will play for all chat messages.


Chat Options

Adding Sound

Browse for a sound bit you can use for incoming chat. (You must enable play sound option for this to work)

Chat Sound

Changing the Font, Style, and Size

You can change the Font and Size.

  1. Click on the Font button.



Changing Font Color

You can change the Font Color.

  1. Click on the Color button.


Font Color