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Temperature Scanner

Temperature Scanner

The Temperature Scanner provides a quick and easy method to allow or restrict access based on body temperature. Easy-to-read green and red on-screen messages, as well as an automatic alarm for temperatures above normal range, show each person's temperature status. Suitable for Staff, Visitors, or Patients.

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How Does It Work?

Temperature Scanner showing temperature out of allowed range

Using a Savance kiosk, tablet, or touch-less check-in solution, not only can you ask staff, visitors, and contractor screening questions regarding COVID-19 or other applicable topics, but also take their temperature by adding a Temperature Scanner. This maintains a fully reportable audit trail of anyone in and out of the building. 

Rather than relying on a member of staff and the use a temporal scanner, the Temperature Scanner completely automates the process of taking a person's temperature. This is done through facial recognition and an infrared sensor, where staff, visitors, or contractors just need to line up their face for the scanner to automatically take their temperature. The scanner then displays a green or red on-screen message showing whether a person has passed or failed the temperature screening. If temperature is too high, an alarm will also sound, and - if used in combination with access control or a turnstile - entry to the facility will not be granted.

If using a podium or curved kiosk, the Temperature Scanner can be mounted to the top of the kiosk.

Temperature Scanner Measurements

Technical Details

  • Display Size: 5.0in
  • Resolution: 854x480px
  • Product Size: 154mm x 152mm x 22mm (approx 6in x 6in x0.9in
  • Detection Range: -15 C to 60 C
  • Temperature Accuracy: 0.5 C
  • Detection Time: Less than 0.2s

For full specs, see product PDF.