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PoE Ethernet Relay Module

PoE Ethernet Relay Module

The PoE (Power over Ethernet) Relay Module provides the capability to control access through a turnstile, lift gate, door, man gate, or any other controlled area. Use a barcode scanner or kiosk to have an automated and unattended lobby. Alternatively, use this to control access after going through some COVID screening questions and/or automated temperature checks when you pair it with our kiosk.


How Does It Work?

PoE Relay Module How It Works Diagram

Scan a barcode at a door, barrier gate (parking garage or parking lot entrance), or at a turnstile to gain access to an area. A kiosk, tablet, or PC connected to the same network as the PoE module sends a command to the 8-port relay module instructing it to open up the relay for a configurable number of seconds. This sends an electrical signal to the electronic control device such as an electric door latch, a barrier gate, or a turnstile allowing it to open for a set number of seconds.

Since this works off of a TCP/IP network, the device must be accessible from the PC or kiosk controlling the relay module in order for it to function.

Technical Specifications

  • External power supply: 7~23V DC
  • PoE power supply: 44~57V DC
  • Relay Max Switching Power: 277 AC-10A/125VAC-12A
  • Relay Quantity: 8
  • Default IP address: (Port:2000)
  • Working Temperature: -30~85℃
  • Weight: 1.17lbs
  • Size: 145mm * 90mm * 40mm (5.7in * 3.5in * 1.6in)