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Floor Stands, Table or Desk Stands, and Wall Mounts

Cubicle Stand

Cubicle Stand

Our cubicle stands gives you the ability to quickly and easily mount any one of our touch screens or flat panel display to a cubicle wall. Use it in the office, lobbies, or any area you would require guests or employees to check in or out, leave or read notes, view other people's statuses, and more. It is an economical and functional solution for any office. It is simple to mount and easy to use.

Curved Check-In Kiosk with Touch Screen

Curved Kiosk

Full-size curved check-in kiosk sold with 22" touchscreen, PC, and EIOBoard kiosk license. Front decal customization options and additional accessories available, including printer tray, camera, and 2D barcode scanner.

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Price: $200 Buy Now

Price: $3,000 Buy Now

Desk and Table Stand

Desk / Table Stand

Need to use your touch screen or display on a table or desk? With our desk and table stands, you can place many of our mid-size touch screens and flat panel displays on any desk or table. You can use our table stand at entrances, lobbies, and near offices or desks so guests or employees can quickly check in and out. It is simple to mount and easy to use.

Heavy Duty Podium Kiosk Floor Stand

Podium Kiosk

Need a larger display with touchscreen capabilities? We offer a sleek, yet heavy duty podium floor stand allowing you to use a wider range of our touch screen kiosks, from our 22" tablet all the way up to our 42" touch screens. With a larger viewing area, employees can quickly and easily see other peoples statuses, update their status, and send and view messages.

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Price: $500 Buy Now

Tablet Docking Station

Tablet Docking Station

Make check-in/check-out and charging easy with this docking station, made specifically for our 10 inch tablet kiosk. The tablet slips right onto the charging link, and is held securely in place on any flat surface. The docking station has four USB 2.0 ports, a HDMI port, a VGA port, and an Ethernet/LAN port, as well as headphone and microphone jacks. It comes with a smart AC adapter.

Tablet Stand

Tablet Stand

Our tablet mount is simple and stylish, and compatible with most tablets (with or without a case). The stand has a non-slip rubber base to keep your touch screen device securely in place for quick and easy employee and guest check-in and check-out. The stand also gives you two different viewing options: a low-angle orientation that holds your tablet flat against the surface below it, and the vertical orientation shown in the picture.

Price: $200 Buy Now

Price: $50 Buy Now

Kiosk Stand Packages

Below find a selection of our hardware packages. We offer many other options and configurations, and will customize a solution to fit your company's exact needs, both when it comes to hardware and software. Be sure to check out all EIOBoard Solutions, including Access Control, Emergency Mustering, Visitor Management and more.

10" Tablet

10" Desktop Display

10" Tablet with Stand

10" with Docking Station

Starting at $1,000 USD

Patient Simple Sign-In Tablet

Starting at $1,500 USD

10 inch Desktop Touch Screen Patient Sign-In

Starting at $1,050 USD

Starting at $1,200 USD

Patient Sign In Kiosk Sizes

10" with Cubicle Wall Mount

15" with Wall Mount

22" with Stand and Keyboard

22" with Stand, Keyboard, and Printer on Casters

Starting at $1,500 USD

Cubilce Wall Mount

Starting at $1500 USD

15 inch Wall Mount Touch Screen Kiosk

Starting at $2500 USD

22' Touch Screen Kiosk with Floor Stand

Starting at $2,700 USD

22 inch Patient Sign-In with Keyboard, Printer on Casters

22" with Stand, Custom Front Decal and ID Card Scanner

Check-in/Check-out Kiosk Sizes


Starting at $3,800 USD

22 inch Patient Sign-In with custom front decal and ID card scanner

Available in: 10", 15", 18", 22", 26", 32", 42", 55", and 70".



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