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Magnetic Reader

Magnetic & Barcode Card Reader

The magnetic and barcode card reader allows you to use several types of cards: credit cards, driver license, badge cards, or any card with a magnetic strip. The barcode card reader is ideal for using your own barcodes labels; just attach a barcode label on any card or item, and the reader will check you in or out.


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Product Overview

Magnetic Card

Reads MagStrips & Barcodes

The magnetic reader reads up to 3 tracks of information with a single swipe in either direction. In combination, the same Omni unit can read both bar code and MagStripe media. It scans bar codes printed on paper, card stock, or plastic.

Bad Environment

Stands Up to Heavy Use

The magnetc reader is designed for demanding environments. Its die-cast metal base, stainless steel wearplate, and impact-resistant housing make it ideal for our stand-alone, high-volume kiosks. Its metal base can be securely mounted with screws, and cable exits are available at the side, end, or bottom of the unit. Weatherproof, sealed, or extended temperature versions are available for use in harsh environments.

How It's Used

Status Updates

Status Updates 

Our touch screen kiosks allow employees and guests a quick way to update their status in real-time. The touch screen kiosks can be placed throughout the building allowing people the ability to check notes, send messages, change status, and more.

Time Sheets

Use to Track Timesheets

No more paper punch cards! Record all your payroll timecards electronically. Combine this with our EIOBoard timesheets feature to review time records and create electronic time cards.

Guest Check In

Electronic Guest Book

Get rid of the old paper guest books and upgrade to a new electronic version. When you have a guest visiting your company or office, you can now record electronically their name, phone number, email address, contact info, and reason for visit.

Patient Tracking

Patient Tracking

Provides real-time patients, doctor, and nurse tracking for a hospital or medical office. Patients can sign in when they arrive, and the system can track the patient througout the entire process of care.