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49in Enterprise Large Screen Display


49" Enterprise Large Screen LED Display

The 49" enterprise large screen LED display in combination with the Wall-Mount PC is ideal as a status board in any entrance or lobby. The enterprise series is suitable for a heavy office environment that requires the screen to operate 24/7. Employees and guests can quickly view the status board when entering or leaving the building. Quickly glance and get information about a person’s location, room number, phone number, extension, and more.

32' Enterprise Large Screen Display
43' Enterprise Large Screen Display
49' Enterprise Large Screen Display
55' Enterprise Large Screen Display

Product Overview

Full HD

Full HD Screen and VESA mount

The 49" HD large screen display is designed to be used in any entrance, lobby, or area that requires a status board. Replace those old paper or magnetic status boards with a real-time status solution.

Energy Star Rated

Energy Star Compliant

The 49" large screen LED displays are easy to install with its 1.6" ultra-slim design and reduced weight. The unit is Energy Star 5.0 compliant and conforms to the ADA standards for wall mounting.


Eco-Friendly Display with LED Backlight

The 49" large screen LED  displays reduce energy consumption from 30 - 50%, and with the elimination of mercury the displays are able to be recycled.

Ultra-Light and Slim

Ultra Slim, Ultra Light

The ultra-slim, ultra-light design of the 49" Large Screen LED displays provide a new era of elegance and efficiency. The design effortlessly draws your eyes to the screen and also enables easier installation and maintenance.

Small Wall-Mountable PC

Wall-Mountable Small PC

The small wall-mountable PC fits discretely behind the large screen display. The small wall mount PC running Windows and our kiosk software allows you to place the large screen status board anywhere in your building that has an internet connection.

Wall Mount Kits

Wall Mount Kits

We offer you a series of mounting options, you can choose from a fixed, a tilting or articulating mount to help make the installation easier. See all options

How It's Used

Large Screen Display in and Entrance or Lobby

Entrance or Lobby Status Board

Would you like to see who is in the building the instant you walk through the door? Guests and employees can quickly glance at the status board and view who is in, out, at lunch, in a meeting, or view their location such as floor or room number.

Patient Tracking

Patient Tracking

Provides real-time patients, doctor, and nurse tracking for a hospital or medical office. Patients can sign in when they arrive, and the system can track the patient througout the entire process of care.

Included with Purchase

Kiosk License

EIOBoard Kiosk Software License


Windows 7

Small Wall-Mountable PC

Wall Mount PC

Wall Mount Kits

Wall Mount Kit


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