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Using the Status Counter

The status counter is both beneficial for both the employee and the employer.  Employees are shown a timer in the right hand corner of the screen counting down until their break/lunch is over, so they will never be late coming back.  Employers can see the counter next to each employee showing their return time, also the counter turns a different color and blinks when someone is late returning.

Status Screen


  • User Can See Time Left on Lunch or Break
  • Everyone Can See When Employee is Returning
  • Breaks can be Scheduled with Better Accuracy
  • Employers Can Create Reports on Late Returns

View the Status Counter

Application Interface Showing Status Counter Screen

  • View Users' Status Counter w/ Return Time
  • Viewable from Outlook Add-In and Application Interfaces

Enable the Status Counter

Update Status Screen
Update Status Screen
  • Starts Counter when Users Change Status
  • Enabled from the Update Status Window

Admin Controls

Administration Screen
Administration Screen Adding the Status Counter
  • Enable Counter from the Admin Screen
  • Choose Who Can View the Counter

Generate Reports

Reports Screen
Status Reports