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Staff Tracking Amidst a Global Pandemic

Posted on March 23, 2020 by TJ Trouba

COVID-19 has hit, and has hit hard. In the past few weeks, as people have begun practicing social distancing and self-quarantines, we have seen a dramatic shift in how the majority of the work force conducts business. While working remotely has a lot of different pros, it certainly isn’t for everyone, and for a manager, that can pile on additional stress.

EIOBoard stands for Electronic In/Out Board and serves as a simple, centralized hub for employees to clock in and out from work, or to update their status during the workday when they go to lunch, have meetings, conference calls, etc. Simply put: EIOBoard provides simple, intuitive methods for any business attempting to manage its employees working remotely and keep the accountability factor in place.

EIOBoard can provide a range of benefits and solutions to businesses of all types and sizes. A few of them include:

  • Simple electronic attendance tracking
  • Elimination of traditional, paper based clock in and out methods
  • Easy payroll management
  • Monitor and manage entire staff through one location
  • Low profile, low cost security
  • Integrates fluidly with mobile devices, web browsers, and other software applications like Microsoft Office

Also highly customizable, EIOBoard can be tailored to fit the needs of any business regardless of industry, size, or stature. The extensive options for configuration allows us to work together to put together the solution that’s right for you, displaying the information most pertinent to your staff at home.

Among the many customers we have implemented the EIOBoard solution, Barth Electric Company provides a unique insight into the staff tracking capabilities. With around 330 employees, 75% of whom are field electricians, staff tracking was a real pain point. Read the Case Study for a look into how EIOBoard was able to increase productivity and accountability for Barth.

At the end of the day, we are all adjusting and adapting to our current situation the best way we know how. But with all the unknowns moving forward, the ability to alleviate any work stress is a big win, and EIOBoard is the best player. Imagine what your business could do with increased and improved employee management and tracking capabilities. Explore the rest of the Savance EIOBoard website to learn more, or call us with any questions you might have.