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Touchless visitor and staff check-in with QR code

Moving Touchless into the Future

Posted on October 12, 2020 by TJ Trouba

Stating the obvious, Covid-19 has changed the way we work, creating a new normal. Like it or not, businesses need to have new outlooks on health and safety as we move into the future and tackle the new challenges that arise. One of these new challenges is a way to keep the workplace clean and sanitary, for visitors and staff alike.

As Savance started to roll out our COVID-19 Screening solutions, we started to realize that while being able to ask screening questions via a check in kiosk is a step in the right direction, the most efficient way to avoid any transfer of bacteria would be through a completely touchless option. We have since finalized a touchless check system in for both staff and visitors in a multitude of ways, and I'm excited to share some of the different ways we have crafted this solution!

Integrating touchless into Savance's Visitor Management solution is done through a simple QR code generation. For pre-registered guests, we are able to send a message prior to their visit with all of the COVID screening questions that would normally be done on a kiosk. Once they have filled out the pre-registration, they are sent a QR code, and upon arrival it is as simple as scanning the code, grabbing the printed name tag, and away they go. If a visitor opts to not go the pre-registration route, we leverage a QR code in a different fashion to provide a similar touchless experience. Upon arrival, the guest would find a QR code next to the kiosk; once scanned, their smartphone essentially turns into a hand held kiosk. Once visitors have moved through the screening process, they simply take their printed badge and check-in is complete.

Once we were able to comfortably handle the touchless process for visitors, we moved onto how we would continue to build on our existing touchless options for staff. By using our Electronic In/Out Board for a staff tracking application we are able to provide employees with a way to update their status directly from their computer or mobile application as the most basic touch free route. For businesses using our Time & Attendance solution, we have been able to creatively craft options, whether being a reader in toggle mode for badge swipe “in” and "outs" or a similar QR code process piggybacking on how we handle visitors. While we have been excited with our touchless progress to this point, we are more excited with continuing to innovate and find new ways to create a safe working environment.