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Leveraging Staff Tracking for Time & Attendance

Posted on April 6, 2020 by TJ Trouba

Half of the battle has been won: the outdated paper employee sign in sheet has been replaced with an electronic in/out board integrated with access control. Now it is time to finish the war on paper by leveraging the staff tracking solution into replacing the antiquated punch clocks with Savance’s Time & Attendance solution.

An electronic timesheet solution that eliminates the administrative tasks associated with paper- and punch clock-based time and attendance processes. Savance automates calculations to minimize payroll errors, and provides a flexible, hassle-free solution for employees, managers, and administrators alike. Users can check in and out by scanning or swiping a badge, via a computer, or by using a touch screen employee check-in kiosk.

Built with ease of use in mind, Savance Time and Attendance uses staff tracking through badge swipes and computer sign-ins to turn an existing solution into additional information to make an efficient time and attendance piece. This allows for managers to ensure adequate staffing and enforce attendance policies all in real time. Savance’s solution will also allow for managers to monitor overtime hours, as well as tardiness issues, as they arise.

With all of the time and attendance information housed in EIOBoard, the user-friendly interface allows for managers to drill down into anything and everything that needs attention. Whether an employee forgot to clock in or out, or a manager needs to see who else has been editing time cards, all of that information is at their fingertips. Once payroll is verified correct, a simple click of a button exports that data neatly into QuickBooks, Paychex, ADP, and a number of other payroll services, freeing up your managers' time for other tasks.

By leveraging the EIOBoard solution to create Savance Time and Attendance, we also have the unique ability to have employees working off site be able to clock in and out directly from their phones at the job site. Again, allowing managers to free up their time and not worry about off site employees logging hours incorrectly as everything is done from a phone or a computer. In a world moving remote, this is a huge boost in efficiency and accuracy for timekeeping purposes.

Moving forward and embracing business automation will only lead to positive changes within your organization. Freeing up managers to lead and grow the business, instead of tackling mundane tasks that can be handled by a computer. Savance Time and Attendance is just one of those business automation tools to move your company into the future.