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Touchless check-in solution for visitors and staff

Keep Clean through Completely Touchless Check-In

Posted on June 26, 2020 by TJ Trouba

As people begin to return to work and try to find some semblance of normalcy, the reality of the situation is we will have a new normal moving forward. While COVID-19 has shifted the way we conduct business, it has also changed certain aspects of safety and security for businesses that need to return to a physical location. With Savance Workplace, organizations can configure certain aspects of the Visitor Management software to account for COVID-related screening questions. We have also rolled out a completely touchless check-in process that can be completed on your own device (BYOD).

Allowing for visitors to check in without touching a kiosk at all, we can eliminate the risk of a guest touching a screen and leaving illness behind. By leveraging our already existing browser-based visitor management software, a visitor simply scans an organization's custom QR code on a kiosk screen or even paper, or click on a preregistration link from a text or email, and it will walk them through the sign in process completely on their phone. Once visitors have gone through the check-in process, they can either have a badge activated or be printed a sticky visitor name tag, again completely touch-free.

A seamless transition from a touch screen-based visitor management solution to a touch-free, sanitary-friendly option, Savance can be used to create and pull custom reports in real-time. This feature allows for the end user to have any and all pertinent information at their fingertips to safely and efficiently monitor the safety and health of all buildings occupants.