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How to Make Returning to the Workplace Safer with On-Site Staff and Visitor Reporting

Posted on June 2, 2020 by Chris Stroud

As States slowly reopen during the Covid-19 pandemic, large and small businesses face a new challenge; accurate record keeping of all employees and visitors that enter the workplace on any given day. Should an employee or visitor contract the Coronavirus, reporting of who they may have come in contact with is vital and may even be required depending on your local guidelines.

While paper logs are typically the first line of defense, they can lead to a reporting nightmare when it comes time to dig through the data.

Staff Electronic Timeclock and Visitor & Staff Check-In Kiosk

Savance EIOBoard provides an easy, simple way for staff and visitors to check-in and out of your facility via dedicated kiosks (with both touch-and non-touch options), captures all ‘in and ‘out’ timestamps, and provides a powerful reporting engine to run complex reports on-demand.

As an added benefit, the kiosks can be configured to ask custom Covid-related questions, such as ‘Have you come in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with Covid-19 in the last 14 days?’

EIOBoard Reporting EIOBoard reports

Information that is captured can easily be retrieved via EIOBoard’s advanced reporting engine, allowing you to build customized reports, select custom date ranges, and search by staff member, department, or company as a whole.

EIOBoard Status Report EIOBoard Status Report

These powerful reports allow you to quickly and accurately figure out who was in your facility, during which dates and times, and who someone may have come in contact with should they become infected with Covid-19.

EIOBoard Application Interface EIOBoard Application Interface

For added safety, a realtime list of on-site staff and visitors is available via EIOBoard’s web, PC, and mobile interfaces, allowing you to stay on top of and adhere to any capacity limit guidelines.

If you’re struggling with keeping track of staff and visitors in the workplace or need assistance conforming with your state or local ordinances, contact Savance for a free web demo.