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GPS Location Tracking & GEO Fencing

Feature Spotlight: GPS Location Tracking & Geofencing

Posted on May 8, 2020 by TJ Trouba

Let's face facts, gone are the days of the nine to five workday, and as technology has rapidly changed, so has the way we go about work. With the world moving towards a remote working environment and everyone having a laptop in their pocket in the form of a smartphone people are constantly working regardless of time or day. For an employer, this can raise some tricky issues to work around. Every boss wants to provide his employees with freedom and flexibility to do the job they are paid to do, however, there also needs to be some level of accountability to make sure that job is getting done. EIOBoard has leveraged GPS Tracking and Geofencing to create additional accountability while making it easier for employees to accurately track hours and time spent on a project.

GPS Tracking Feature GPS Tracking Feature

GPS Location Tracking is an optional feature available through the EIOBoard mobile apps for iOS and Android. Using GPS Location Tracking, you can track an employee's whereabouts and show last location on a map. This feature can be useful e.g. when tracking transportation or delivery services, or to locate an employee in the case of an emergency (see EIOBoard Emergency Mustering). Viewing a person's GPS history can be done through EIOBoard's web interface. This feature also allows for a full audit trail that aids in tracking hours at worksites away from the office, not only does this ensure the correct payment amounts are being made, but it helps in forecasting future budgetary and time allotment needs based on previous jobs.

Geofencing Feature Geofencing Feature

Another part of the EIOBoard GPS feature, Geofencing, allows users to automatically change their status based on physical location. For example, you can choose to change your status to In the Office when you get to work, and change to Out when you leave, simply by defining a zone and a status associated with entering and leaving the zone.

While an optional feature through EIOBoard, the different GPS capabilities we have been able to add into the solution will continue to boost efficiency and keep you business running as smoothly as possible while people continue to work outside of the office.