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Release Notes 5.0

Sunday, May 20, 2007
EIOBoard Version 5.0.0 Release Notes

Application Interface Enhancements
- Resource Management feature added where you can schedule Events and Resources.
- "More >>" button added which drops menu of all functions that are not already buttons.
- Added button to Calendars so you can add a new Future Status or Event from any view.
- Added "Auto Return" to the List View in the Calendar.
- Lightened the colors on the Calendar.
- Ability to customize the font size and color in the Standard and Mini Views.
- Ability to save settings to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE so they are PC specific, not user specific.
- More "Hide" settings (specified in the Registry only).

Web Browser Interface Enhancements
- Cleaned up the top frame to make more room on the page.  Help Desk and Tour link moved to left frame.
- Ability to set two background colors for the top frame, allowing you to create your own "fade" effect.
- New clean Login screen.

Mobile Interface Enhancements
- New, cleaner look and feel.
- Added "BACK" link to all pages.
- Last Updated added to the Contact Details page.

General Enhancements
- Company Setting to only allow users to view their own Status History (unless they are an Admin).

General Enhancements (Intranet only)
- New EIOBoardServer - Replaces EmailServer and ChatServer and eliminates the need for SQLServerAgent.
- Company Setting to specify where Help Desk Requests are sent

Application Interface Fixes
- Fixed issue with statuses not returning from Idle.

General Fixes
- All time zone issues with Future Statuses and Reports

Known Issues
- The Outlook Sync only shows one of each recurring event in the application.
- Limited support for International Date and Time.