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What is EIOBoard In-Out Board?

Status Board for Employees

Tracks Employee Attendance

Displays Company Announcements

Private Instant Messaging

Calendar and Phone Messages

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EIOBoard Customer Testimonials

Cardinal Health Testimonial

Alain Bilodeau
Supervisor Cardinal Health

"We work out of two different countries, USA and Canada, and needed to connect with the same In/Out board. EIOBoard fit our team of 25, and I received numerous compliments for bringing this product to Cardinal. Thank you EIOBoard for helping us see who is In or Out!"

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Application Interface EIOBoard Application runs on any Windows computer
(Download Here)
Outlook Interface EIOBoard Outlook offers same features of the Application interface, but it is built right into Outlook
(Download Here)
Browser Interface EIOBoard Browser supports any web browser on any operating system
Android App EIOBoard Android App (BETA) allows you to access several mobile features from an Android device
iPhone App EIOBoard iPhone and iPad App allows you to access several mobile features from an iOS device

EIOBoard Kiosk Interface EIOBoard Kiosk allows you to update your status on a Kiosk Touch/Non Touch Display.
EIOBoard Mobile EIOBoard Mobile supports a web-enabled mobile device.
EIOBoard Offline EIOBoard Offline used in emergency roll call situations allowing users to keep updated information when they are not connected.
What is an In Out Board?
Real-Time in Out BoardQuickly see who is in and out at a glance! EIOBoard real-time in out board is a simple and easy to use desktop, online, and mobile software tool used for employee tracking and more.
Physicians Lobby or Entrance
Place our Large Screen Display in a lobby or entrance to give guests information on all the people in the building.
Office Building Office Building
The office status board solution allows employee's status information to be displayed on everyone's PC.
Solutions More Solutions
We have several more status board solutions for your company or organization to choose from.
Electronic Whiteboard
Upgrading an old Magnetic Whiteboard to a New EIOBoard Electronic In Out BoardGet rid of that outdated wall magnetic whiteboard and upgrade to a ubiquitous, real-time electronic magnetic whiteboard replacement for your entire office or building.
Hardware Options
Large Screen Display w/Small PC
Large Screen DisplayOur 32-55" Large Screen  LED displays can show an entire building's status, scrolling marquees, color coded statuses, display returning time and other information, and much more.
Never Forget to Update Your Status!
Touch Screen KioskOur 10" to 70" touch-sensitive Kiosk PCs can update your status, view other peoples' status, check messages, act as an electronic guest book, and much more. Get the most out of your in out board by adding this to your entrance or lobby.