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Release Notes 7.0

EIOBoard Version 7.0 Release Notes

Application Interface Enhancements
- Application goes .NET (it is supported on x86 and x64 machines)
- While You Were Out Notes
- Enhanced Contact Info Page
- Enhanced Administrator
- Timecard Export Preview
- Reporting in Application
- Automatic Status Update Options for More System Events
- Manage and View Pictures in App/Add-in
- Significant Bandwidth Reduction
- Admin-Level Configurable User Settings
- Enhancements for detecting Connection lost event and reconnecting indicator.
- Review & Integrate Help

Application Interface Fixes
- Fix board header drawing
- Fix drawing sort arrow in the Admin users tab
- Fix minor bugs

EIOBoard Server Enhancements
- Enhancements for the Database Caching

Kiosk Interface Enhancements


Offline Interface Enhancements

Outlook Interface Enhancements
- Outlook Add-in Includes all Features of Application
- Redesigned Calendar
- bi-direction Synchronization for the Calendar Appointments, and auto detecting Appointments

Changes in the Outlook Add-in
- Popup Notification for Chat and Notes
- More stability for the Outlook Add-in
- Synchronize Organization Contacts with GroupWise
- Now Compatable with Outlook 2010


Outlook Interface Fixes


Browser Interface Enhancements
- Configurable Standard View with More Columns to Display
- Significant Bandwidth Reduction
- New Calendar Feature


Browser Interface Fixes


Known Issues