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Release Notes 6.0

Sunday, August 17, 2008
EIOBoard Version 6.0 Release Notes

Active Directory Synchronization Enhancements
- More descriptive error messages when there is a synchronization issue. 

Active Directory Synchronization Fixes
- Fixed where the application would prevent the server from logging off. 
- Fixed where you could open multiple instances. 
- Fixed issue uninstalling while the application is still running. 

Application Interface Enhancements
- Better compression for reduced bandwidth usage. 
- Ability to encrypt Chat messages. 
- Settings to timeout and accept or deny changing Status when users Login / Logout. 
- Company Settings for a Marquee at the bottom of the screen. 
- Ability to view the Guest Log (for guest users signed into the Kiosk Interface). 
- Ability to hide the "Customers" tab with the "Show Customers Tab" Company Setting. 
- Ability to hide the "Guest Log" tab with the "Show Guest Log Tab" Company Setting. 
- Ability to hide the "Resources" tab with the "Show Resources Tab" Company Setting. 
- Ability to drag and drop Resources and Resource Types in the Administrator. 
- Ability to specify Customer and Location for Status History on the Status History Review screen. 
- Setting to require a Comment for a Status change, specified per Status. 

Application Interface Fixes
- Support for International Date and Time. 
- Fixed where Outlook Sync was not synchronizing long events because the end date was outside the date range. 

Kiosk Interface Enhancements
- Guest Sign In and Sign Out for a viewable log in the Application Interface. 
- Customizable Status View screen so the kiosks can be used to display users and their statuses when idle. 
- Improved resizing logic. 
- Option to select the default screen. 
- Configurable Status buttons. 
- Configurable Return Time buttons. 
- Configurable Timeout Timer. 
- Configurable Comment to be added to status change comment. 
- Marquee Setting. 
- Customer and Location selection settings. 
- Ability to test Server address. 
- Ability to turn off current Comment and Last Updated display when changing Status. 
- Setting to change default Comment (which previously defaulted to "(Kiosk Punch)"). 
- Setting for the Auto Logoff time (which previously defaulted to 15 seconds). 
- Door control support (additional hardware required). 

Kiosk Interface Fixes
- Fixed issue with entering PIN (when required) if there is an error. 
- Added protection against clicking the same button multiple times. 

Mobile Interface Enhancements
- Ability to select a Customer and Location when updating Status. 

Outlook Interface Enhancements
- Ability to change Statuses for other users (with proper security). 
- Support for Windows Authentication (Customer Hosted (Intranet) version only)
- Ability to add and remove My Friends. 
- Ability to modify to the Receptionist Comment. 
- Integrated Chat (works with Application Interface and Outlook Interface simultaneously. 
- Ability to save Chat conversations to Rich Text file. 
- Integrated Help. 
- Screen to select multiple users to Chat or change Status. 
- Ability to send E-Mail and SMS/Text Messages to one or multiple users. 
- Setting to detect Idle Status. 
- Settings to change Status during Logon / Logoff. 
- Setting to open the Update Status Screen or the Right Click menu when you left click a user. 
- Customizable Return Time buttons on the Update Status screen. 
- Statuses use default Return Times or lock the Return Time from the Status settings in the Administrator. 
- Ability to sort by First Name, Last Name
- More filters for the Search in the Status View. 
- Integrated Future Status options when adding an Outlook Appointment

Outlook Interface Fixes
- Better reconnect logic if connection is lost. 
- Fixed where sometimes when a Status is changed it will flash from the old Status to the new Status. 
- Modifying or deleting an Outlook Appointment changes the associated Future Status (if within the date range). 
- Fixed slow load times for the Update Status screen. 
- Faster Calendar Synchronization. 
- Fixed where the Sync window would skip some appointments. 
- Fixed Daylight Savings Time offset issue. 
- Connection errors no longer come up during startup if Suppress Connection Errors is checked. 
- Fixed where the timer does not refresh when Outlook is opened after being minimized. 
- Clicking Search puts the cursor in the Name field for faster searching. 

Web Interface Enhancements
- New Customer Report. 

EIOBoard Server Application Enhancements (Intranet only)
- Ability to re-send emails. 
- Ability to view the email message. 
- Ability to view the status message for an email. 
- Ability to view previously sent emails and filter by date and status. 

General Enhancements
- New server installer for Intranet customers, both for new installations and upgrades. 
- New EIOBoard Punch software used to change Status using a scanning device through a PC. 
- New EIOBoard Offline software for Windows CE devices to stores a local database for evacuation purposes. 
- Company Setting to "Sign Out All Users at Midnight" that are not set to an "Out" Status Type. 
- Company Setting to "Change Statuses to "In" After Return Time Passes". 

Known Issues
- Limited support for International Date and Time in the Web Interface.